kraftholz neuhofer gmbh


only who knows the goal, will find the way and if you firmly believe it, the way is the goal
My name is Martin Neuhofer. I grew up with wood and I have been close to this material since child-hood. I come from a family that has been processing wood since 1650, for more than 10 generations.

The most natural raw material on earth is the focus of my life. The sustainable protection of resources is a topic close to my heart.

With kraftholz, I fulfil my own personal vision of passing on this wealth of experience to the next generation.

Many years of experience allow me to assess the wood in the forest and, once it has been logged, treat it as best as possible and assign it to the various types of processing.

This ensures that each piece of wood is used for the perfect product and that the valuable raw material wood is utilised in the best possible way.
In consideration with the reforestation regulations, we go one step further.

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